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Chaplain Services

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What Services are Available?
  • A visit to all new patients.
  • Spiritual guidance and pastoral care - with a patient’s approval.
  • Ongoing spiritual care for veterans or their family members diagnosed with acute or chronic illness.
  • Public worship for hospitalized veterans.
  • Memorial services for veterans.
  • Respect and support spiritual, religious, and non-religious traditions followed by veterans.
  • Emotional support to hospitalized veterans.
Programs and Services
By virtue of training and experience as a pastoral care and health care specialist, chaplains are aware of the spiritual and moral dilemmas which often arise from the anxieties, problems and fears which accompany illness and disabilities. The Chaplain provides the kind of religious ministry, pastoral care, or just emotional support that seeks to meet the needs of the whole person in his or her struggle for health and peace of mind. The chaplain is sensitive to the variety of religious and cultural backgrounds of patients to whom ministry is provided.